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Loma Linda Risk Management dental insurance

Starting January 1st 2019, Linda Linda Risk Management dental insurance is starting a new dental PPO plan.  We are proud to announce that we will be in network with LLU Risk Management dental PPO.  We will be one of the exclusive offices in Riverside CA that will be in network with Loma Linda Risk Management.

You will be able to get your regular check ups and cleanings convered by your insurance often at no cost to you!   Loma Linda Risk Management sets the fees and we will be contracted and accept their fees.  Even if you don’t live in Loma Linda, come see us in Riverside.  We get Loma Linda employees from all over, Riverside, Corona, Redlands, Menifee, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Colton, Grand Terrace, San Bernardino and many more.

For more information give us a call.

Dental Blog / Dental Wikipedia

Welcome to our blog.

Here we will post updates, latest news, and miscellaneous information direct from our Dental office in Riverside CA by Peter Mani, DDS.  You can get useful information about most dental stuff here.  For example, if you had a tooth extracted today, you can look through our blog about how to care for a dental extraction.

It is almost like a mini dental wikipedia or encyclopedia you can reference from the comfort of your home.