Severe gum disease leading to dentures

Here is an example of a patient who came to us to get an opinion about making dentures.  The patient was complaining of loose teeth, difficulty eating, smelly breath, pain on biting.  What the patient was suffering from was severe gum disease.  We considered trying to salvage some teeth but every single tooth he had was loose and dentures was the only option he had.  So we extracted all his remaining teeth and made him a set of dentures.

At first he was very apprehensive with the idea of having dentures but when he looked in the mirror after it was all done, he was very happy with the result.  There is a learning curve as far as getting used to dentures but the patient is well on his way to mastering dentures.  In no time, he won’t even notice he is wearing dentures.  This is indeed a life changing point in his life.  He was embarrassed to smile before but now he can smile with confidence!


Photo used with consent and permission from patient.