An introduction to dentures : Our new series on full dentures

Introduction to dentures

An Introduction to dentures :

We have been busy this past year making dentures for our patients.  I want to say we’ve made hundreds, if not thousands, of dentures in my years of experience.  People have been coming from not only Riverside CA but from all over southern California to make dentures at our office.  So we’ve decided to make a series of posts all about dentures, making dentures, denture repairs, anything and everything related to dentures.  This post serves as an introduction to dentures.   In this introduction to dentures we will outline about the process, deciding if dentures are right, and much more.  In the series we will mainly be focusing on full dentures.  Partial dentures is another topic we’ll have to cover in another series.So if you have been considering or thinking about full dentures, sit back and enjoy the posts coming in the next few weeks that may help guide you in the decision making process.


Dentures by Peter Mani DDS part 1
Here is an example of a set of dentures made by Peter Mani DDS in our dental office in Riverside CA.  Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani DDS, used with patient’s consent and permission.


Oral Hygiene : Make sure you brush your teeth before going to sleep

Oral Hygiene : Importance of brushing your teeth before going to sleep

There was an article that discusses about the importance of brushing your teeth before sleeping.  In the article it explains how the ADA (american dental association) recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day.  But we believe that brushing after every meal can be even more beneficial.  Whenever you eat or drink, bacteria begins breaking down those foods and leave plaque on your teeth.  That plaque sits on your teeth and damages your gums and teeth.  Brushing your teeth disrupts the process preventing damage to your teeth and gums.  If you don’t brush before you sleep, the bacteria, plaque have many hours to sit and destroy your teeth.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to floss too.

If you have questions about oral hygiene, brushing before you sleep, plaque or anything else discussed in this post, feel free to contact us at 951-687-8700.  Peter Mani DDS is a general dentist in Riverside CA.

Childhood tooth decay

Childhood tooth decay is a serious problem and is very common.  According to this article by the BBC, tooth decay affects 12% of 3 year old kids.   We are very sure these numbers are similar to what we see here in the Riverside CA area.

Some tricks to preventing tooth decay in kids is always monitor what they are eating and drinking.  A very common cause is kids who drink juice, milk, or soda.  It is important if your kid is drinking anything besides water, to have them brush their teeth immediately after.   Also having your kid’s teeth checked at least every 6 months can help prevent childhood tooth decay.  Often it is not enough to tell your kid to brush their teeth.  It is important the parent follows up and makes sure the teeth are clean.  If you have any questions or concerns about childhood tooth decay or decay in children and you live in the Riverside CA area feel free to call us at 951-687-8700.

Delta Dental Riverside CA – Dental Insurance


Peter Mani DDS is a preferred provider of delta dental insurance.  We currently accept delta dental premier and delta dental PPO.   We currently do not take delta dental hmo also known as delta care.  Many dentists in Riverside CA take delta dental but not all are preferred or contracted providers with delta dental.  Some employers that offer Delta Dental Riverside CA dental insurance plans include Riverside Unified School District, County of Riverside, City of Riverside, Kaiser Permanente, Alvord Unified School District, UC Riverside, California Highway Patrol, Cal State University, Walt Disney and many more.

So what is the benefits of going to a delta dental contracted provider?  The fees are set by delta dental and will generally minimize out of pocket co payments.  Generally periodic exams and cleanings have no copay if you have delta dental premier or PPO.

If you have any questions about delta dental riverside ca insurance plans give Peter Mani DDS a call at 951-687-8700 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Bruxism, grinding teeth, FAQ

What is bruxism?  It is when people grind their teeth.  It is very common that people grind their teeth especially at night time.  Some people grind their teeth all the way through their enamel or most outer layer of their teeth.  It is important to treat bruxism because it is permanent damage and the effects can not be repaired easily.  It is also shown that bruxism can be related to TMJ disorders or disorders of the jaw joint.


The best way to treat bruxism is prevention.  If you feel like you are grinding your teeth, making a night guard can often prevent the damage that is caused by bruxism.  As you can see in the photo above bruxism can cause abfraction.  (See our post about abfraction).  It can also cause gum recession and attrition.

It is believed that grinding of teeth is related to stress.  So if you are stressed out at work or in life and feel your teeth are getting shorter, worn out, flatter, or loose, get examined for bruxism.

If you have questions about bruxism us at 951-687-8700 or visit our office at 7759 California Ave, Riverside CA 92504.  Peter Mani, DDS is a general dentist who practices in Riverside CA.   Photo courtesy of H. Farran DDS and Dr. J Candia

Thai and Laos Dentist / ยินดีต้อนรับคนใข้ไทยลาว

ยินดีต้อนรับคนใข้ไทยลาว. รับ อินชัวรันร ทุกชนิด.

Did you know we speak many languages at our office?  In addition to English, we speak Thai, Laos, and Spanish as well.  We have patients come from throughout Southern California looking for a dentist who speaks Thai and Laos.  Dr Mani is one of the few Thai and Laos speaking dentists in Riverside County.

Peter Mani DDS
7759 California Ave
Riverside CA 92504

Changes for denti-cal dentists in riverside ca . Elimination of 4 bitewing xrays on children under the age of 10.

According to the new manual of criteria from denti-cal, 4 bitewing check up xrays on children under the age of 10 will no longer be covered.  They will only allow 2 xrays.  This is not good because it will make it more difficult to detect cavities on children under the age of 10.  This change took effect June 1st 2014.  Now your child will only be allowed 2 bitewing check up xrays when coming to get their teeth cleaned.  It is a set back for children under the age of 10 years old.  However, children can help prevent cavities but continuing to brush and floss regularly after every meal.  If your child is over 10 years old they will still allow 4 bitewing checkup xrays.  If you have questions about the denti-cal program for children in the Riverside CA area, you can call us at 951-687-8700.  This article is more useful information for denti-cal dentists in Riverside CA but it can be useful information for denti-cal patients as well.  Denti-cal is California’s verision of Medicaid.  Often times if the patient has IEHP, molina, or medi-cal then they also have denti-cal.

California and Children Oral Health Report Card

Oral Health Report California

According to, California is doing a poor job at helping children get oral health.  Although the report card is from earlier this year, most of the article still applies to today.

“By kindergarten, over 50% of children in California have already experienced dental decay and 28% have untreated decay. Children who reported having recent tooth pain were 4 times more likely to have a low grade point average.”  What this points out obviously is it is important for your kids to get dental care as it may cause poor performance in school.

“Thirteen rural counties do not have any dentists listed as a Medi-cal provider.”  Luckily for us, Riverside County is not one of those counties.  However there are still many kids in Riverside county who have not received dental care.

Unfortunately, too few children receive basic oral health care. Approximately 20% of California children under the age of 12 have never been to the dentist.  But let me add to this that it is never too late to bring your kid in.  If you are int the Riverside CA area and need a dentist give us a call (951) 687-8700.  Help us help improve the oral health report California.  (Image courtesy of



Emergency Dentist Riverside, CA


Did you know that we have been providing emergency dental procedures for over 12 years to the Riverside, CA area?  Maybe you have a real bad toothache?  Maybe you chipped a front tooth?  Got a broken denture?  We can help you fix all these issues.  Emergencies are generally seen immediately.  If you call after hours you will hear a answering service.  It is important to leave a message as it will page the doctor and or staff and they can get a hold of you.

If you need a emergency dentist Riverside, CA give us a call at 951-687-8700.

If you are looking for an emergency dentist Riverside, CA and it is after hours.  Still give us a call at 951-687-8700 and leave a message to page the doctor and or staff.  After hour visits generally will incur an extra fee to call the dentist and staff out to the office.  The dentist lives in Riverside, CA and is available Saturday and Sundays for an additional fee.

(photo courtesy of ADA american dental association).

FDA updates to teething babies and numbing gels


Teething baby or Teething Babies

Updates from the FDA in regards to teething babies and numbing gels.

If your baby is teething don’t use any numbing gels (eg orajel, benzocaine, anbesol).  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of anyone doing it, but apparently it has happened otherwise the FDA wouldn’t put the warning out.  If your baby is teething don’t use numbing gels on their gums as it can be dangerous for them.  According to the FDA website it can cause “methemoglobinemia” where the oxygen in the blood stream is greatly reduced.

Symptoms and signs include: pale, gray, or blue colored skin or lips, shortness of breath, fatigue, confusion, headache, feeling light headed, and or rapid heart rate.

If you put numbing gel on your baby’s gums and they have any of those symptoms contact emergency services immediately.

To aid in teething they recommend using a teething ring chilled in the refrigerator or to rub the child’s gums with your finger.

If you have questions and if you live in the Riverside CA, corona, moreno valley or surrounding areas, give us a call at (951) 687-8700.

Photo courtesy of FDA.  Link to update from FDA website.