Another cavity with tooth colored white filling


Here is cavity we filled:

Here is another example of a filling we did.  This patient had a cavity presented on tooth #2 (which is the upper right molar) in the distal pit (crevice towards the back of the tooth).  Sometimes a dark spot on a tooth can just be stain, but in this case, I was able to feel using a dental explorer that the area was soft and mushy.  That is how we are able to determine it was a cavity.  We numbed the patient up, and was able to finish this in less than 10 minutes from start to finish.  Infact, 5 of those minutes were waiting for the tooth to numb up.  We filled it with tooth colored filling which is better looking.  Another option is silver fillings, however we do not do silver fillings at our office.  Although silver fillings are deemed safe by the ADA, EPA, and many other agencies, we just avoid them as most patients prefer white fillings.  Another benefit of tooth colored fillings (composite fillings) is that it bonds to tooth structure.   This allows us to drill a lot less than a silver filling would require.  If you feel like you might have a cavity and would like to get it fixed give us a call : Peter Mani, DDS (951) 687-8700 We are located at 7759 California Ave, Riverside CA 92504.  (Photo is of actual filling done by Peter Mani, DDS.  Photo used with consent and permission of patient).  If you would like to see more examples of fillings we’ve done you can click our fillings page.