When should I bring my kid to see the dentist?

What age should I bring my child to see the dentist?

I hear this question asked all the time.  We usually recommend to bring kids in as early as 6 months old or when their first tooth comes in.

What do we do at the first visit?

We will do a visual exam of the mouth and go over oral hygiene with the parents.

Why bring your kid in at such a young age?

We believe the earlier you bring your kid in, the more they will get used to coming into the dentist.

But they are all baby teeth.  They are going to fall out anyways?

Also it will allow the prevention of cavities.  It is important to prevent cavities in kids because it is often very difficult to fix cavities between the ages of 6 months to 6 years old.  If your child loses his or her baby teeth prematurely, it can cause the permanent teeth to come in crooked.  That will often require orthodontics to fix later.


If you live in the Riverside CA area, bring your kid in to our office to get their teeth checked.  Give us a call 951-687-8700 or stop by our office at 7759 California Ave. Riverside,CA 92504.