California and Children Oral Health Report Card

Oral Health Report California

According to, California is doing a poor job at helping children get oral health.  Although the report card is from earlier this year, most of the article still applies to today.

“By kindergarten, over 50% of children in California have already experienced dental decay and 28% have untreated decay. Children who reported having recent tooth pain were 4 times more likely to have a low grade point average.”  What this points out obviously is it is important for your kids to get dental care as it may cause poor performance in school.

“Thirteen rural counties do not have any dentists listed as a Medi-cal provider.”  Luckily for us, Riverside County is not one of those counties.  However there are still many kids in Riverside county who have not received dental care.

Unfortunately, too few children receive basic oral health care. Approximately 20% of California children under the age of 12 have never been to the dentist.  But let me add to this that it is never too late to bring your kid in.  If you are int the Riverside CA area and need a dentist give us a call (951) 687-8700.  Help us help improve the oral health report California.  (Image courtesy of