Infants, toddlers, and children’s dentistry and baby teeth

Many children aged 0 – 5 end up having cavities because they often do not receive dental care.  Many parents do not know that you can bring your child in to see their dentist when they are even under 1 year old.  Some even recommend to bring in your child when their first tooth errupts which is usually around 6 months old.

According to this article from First 5 LA doing simple things like wiping your infant’s gums can help your infant get used to the process so that way when their teeth come in they will be used to getting their teeth brushed.  A quote from the article “Parents/caretakers who wait to take their children for their first dental visit at age 3 are more likely to require extensive and costly treatment,”.   We often come across parents who tell us their kid doesn’t like to have their teeth brushed, so doing simple things can help them get used to the process.  The best thing to do is bring them in to see a dentist to make sure they get the best dental care as possible.