Extraction follow up care

So you’ve had your tooth extracted today?  Your extraction won’t stop bleeding?  Here are some important steps to ensure proper healing of your extraction.

We are writing this instructions list for patient’s of Dr Peter Mani DDS, General dentist in Riverside CA.

First step is to bite on gauze provided by your dentist.  Put firm pressure on the extraction site.  This will allow a clot to form in the extraction socket.  Make sure to bite down and do not spit the blood out or saliva out as doing so will cause a suction and cause more bleeding to occur.  Also do not suck through a straw as this will cause more bleeding to occur as well.  If you were given any pain medication, sometimes it is a good idea to take the pain medication before the numbness / anesthesia wears off.  This will ensure the most comfort as soreness or pain is expected after an extraction.

Avoid eating grainy foods, stuff like popcorn kernels, rice, chips, and other small items will go into your extraction site and cause delayed healing.

If you smoke cigarettes or even use a e-cigarette or vape, discontinue while tooth extraction is healing.  Smoking can decrease the blood flow to an extraction site delaying the healing process.

If you run out of gauze and your extraction is still bleeding, you can also bite down on a tea bag.  This will help the bleeding slow down and or make the bleeding stop.  Bleeding can occur for many hours after an extraction, sometimes even up to a day later.  If you experience more than expected bleeding from a tooth extraction or the bleeding won’t stop from an extraction done at our office, give us a call at 951-687-8700.