An introduction to dentures : Our new series on full dentures

Introduction to dentures

An Introduction to dentures :

We have been busy this past year making dentures for our patients.  I want to say we’ve made hundreds, if not thousands, of dentures in my years of experience.  People have been coming from not only Riverside CA but from all over southern California to make dentures at our office.  So we’ve decided to make a series of posts all about dentures, making dentures, denture repairs, anything and everything related to dentures.  This post serves as an introduction to dentures.   In this introduction to dentures we will outline about the process, deciding if dentures are right, and much more.  In the series we will mainly be focusing on full dentures.  Partial dentures is another topic we’ll have to cover in another series.So if you have been considering or thinking about full dentures, sit back and enjoy the posts coming in the next few weeks that may help guide you in the decision making process.


Dentures by Peter Mani DDS part 1
Here is an example of a set of dentures made by Peter Mani DDS in our dental office in Riverside CA.  Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani DDS, used with patient’s consent and permission.