Choosing the right toothbrush.

Consumer reports released a video today on how to choose the right toothbrush.  When it comes to dental health, brushing your teeth at home is probably the most important thing you can do.  You can come to the dentist every 6 months and get your teeth cleaned but if you don’t brush at home, you will most likely have gingivitis, gum disease, or other dental problems.

Some key points that we agree with include: Use a soft tooth brush, brush at least twice a day, and make sure you brush for approximately 2 minutes.  If you follow those steps you will likely be able to keep your teeth healthy.

Using a curved handle manual brush will often allow you to brush hard to reach areas and behind teeth.  Staggered toothbrush bristles will also allow you to reach areas a straight bristle brush wouldn’t get.

The main thing is that you brush thoroughly and regularly.

Video courtesy of consumer reports

About the author: Peter Mani, DDS is a dentist who is in general practice in Riverside, CA.  He has over 12 years experience in the dental field.