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Examples of crowns and crown related topics by Peter Mani, DDS Dentist in Riverside CA.

How do I replace missing teeth? An example of a bridge.

Example of a bridge by Peter Mani, DDS
Example of a bridge by Peter Mani, DDS

People lose their teeth in many ways. Some people lose their teeth to gum disease.  Some lose their teeth to sports related accidents.  This guy said he was in a car accident many years ago which caused him to lose his teeth.  He had always worn a flipper or a removable partial denture to replace his missing front teeth for years.  However he was getting tired of having to take his false teeth in and out.  There are generally two ways to replace missing teeth that are fixed in (don’t come in and out).  One way is dental implants and the other way is a bridge.   A bridge sometimes can be a good solution to replacing teeth, but every case is different.  The benefits of doing a bridge is that it generally can be more cost effective than doing implants.  You can generally also get good esthetic results.  The cons of doing a bridge is you do have to file or prep the anchor teeth of the bridge.  Also bridges require more oral hygiene to keep clean and healthy.  Usually of course the best option is prevention of losing teeth in the first place.  Losing a tooth can be life changing and can make a general difference in a person’s overall oral health.  So if you can avoid losing teeth in the first place, that is the best option of all.  If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for a bridge, the best way is to have your teeth evaluated.  If you are in the Riverside CA area we would be glad to evaluate your teeth and discuss your options to replace missing teeth.  (Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani, DDS in Riverside CA.  Photo used with consent and permission of patient)  About Peter Mani, DDS :  Peter Mani is a general dentist in Riverside CA.  He has been in practice over 12 years in the Riverside CA area.

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Often times a filling can not be used to fix a tooth.  In the above case, the patient had a old silver filling that broke and was getting decay underneath it.  In this case the old silver filling is almost 50% the size of the whole tooth.  Trying to fix this tooth with a filling again would not work because by the time the old filling is removed and the cavity is removed, there will not be sufficient tooth structure remaining to hold the filling.   We replaced this old silver filling with a tooth colored crown.  (Photo of actual patient of Dr Peter Mani DDS in Riverside CA.  Photos used with permission and consent of patient.)