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The truth about dentures

The truth about dentures

Want to know the truth about dentures?  A good quote I’ve always heard and believe in is “dentures are an alternative to having no teeth.”  So if you already have no teeth then obviously dentures would be a good way to get teeth back in your mouth.  But other examples would include gum disease, gross decay, missing teeth causing difficulty eating or chewing.

In reality you want to try to avoid dentures if possible, however in some cases it is not possible to avoid dentures.  Dentures can look great but it can take some time getting used to the feeling of wearing dentures.  Often the upper denture is easier to use but a bottom denture will take effort on the patient’s behalf to be able to use.  The reason is an upper denture has the surface area of the palate to help create retention/suction allowing it to stay in easier.  The bottom denture doesn’t have as much surface area due to the tongue causing it to feel like it is popping or flopping up.  The patient must practice wearing a lower denture and spend quite a bit of time coordinating the lip, tongue, cheek muscles to keep a lower denture in place.  If a patient doesn’t put the time to practice wearing their lower denture they will not learn to use a lower denture.  It is almost like an acquired skill like learning to ride a bicycle.

The most common reasons people need dentures are gum disease and/or decay of the teeth.  Below is a photo of a patient with decayed teeth which were beyond fixing.  If your teeth are loose and wobbly where you are having a difficult time eating then you are a candidate for dentures.  If your teeth have decay and cavities beyond being fixable then you are a good candidate for dentures.  In fact if you are missing most of your teeth and only have a few teeth left on each arch where you have a hard time eating you could be a good candidate for dentures as well.

Below is an example of a patient with missing and decayed teeth beyond fixing who was able to fix their smile with dentures.  Photo is of an actual patient of Peter Mani DDS and photo used with patient’s permission and consent.

The truth about dentures
Dentures by Peter Mani DDS

This is the 2nd part of a our series on all about dentures.  Here is a link to part 1.

An introduction to dentures : Our new series on full dentures

Introduction to dentures

An Introduction to dentures :

We have been busy this past year making dentures for our patients.  I want to say we’ve made hundreds, if not thousands, of dentures in my years of experience.  People have been coming from not only Riverside CA but from all over southern California to make dentures at our office.  So we’ve decided to make a series of posts all about dentures, making dentures, denture repairs, anything and everything related to dentures.  This post serves as an introduction to dentures.   In this introduction to dentures we will outline about the process, deciding if dentures are right, and much more.  In the series we will mainly be focusing on full dentures.  Partial dentures is another topic we’ll have to cover in another series.So if you have been considering or thinking about full dentures, sit back and enjoy the posts coming in the next few weeks that may help guide you in the decision making process.


Dentures by Peter Mani DDS part 1
Here is an example of a set of dentures made by Peter Mani DDS in our dental office in Riverside CA.  Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani DDS, used with patient’s consent and permission.


What is tooth abfraction and how it can be fixed with a filling.

example of abfraction

An example of tooth abfraction restored by Peter Mani, DDS General Dentist in Riverside CA.

What is tooth abfraction?  It is when the neck of the tooth gets worn away.  What causes tooth abfraction?  It is often caused by brushing too hard, or brushing with a hard tooth brush.  It is often associated with gum recession or comes with gum recession.  However a more common cause of abfraction is tooth grinding.  When people grind their teeth, a lot of force is exerted down the tooth.  Pieces of enamel chip away at the weakest part of the tooth where the enamel meets with the root (the neck of the tooth).

Some times abfraction can cause tooth sensitivity because the root surface of the tooth becomes more exposed to hot and cold.  So what can be done to fix abfraction?  The easiest way is to first prevent what is causing it.  Then repair them with tooth colored composite fillings.  Above is an example of a patient who had abfraction.  We were able to repair it with composite fillings.  Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani, DDS general dentist in Riverside, CA.  Photo used with permission and consent of patient.

If you believe you may have tooth abfraction and would like to get your teeth repaired.  Give Peter Mani, DDS a call at 951-687-8700.

Impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom tooth
An example of a wisdom tooth we extracted in our office.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can often be problematic.  Wisdom teeth are usually the last molars to develop.  Often times they will not even erupt from the gums until the patient is over 18 years old.  Depending on how the jaw develops and or grows, sometimes there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to come out.  If a tooth is stuck underneath gums it is considered an impacted wisdom tooth.  When a wisdom tooth is impacted the patient usually will need to see an oral surgeon to get it removed.  We can determine whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be removed, and if you need to see an oral surgeon or not.  Some problems that impacted wisdom teeth can cause include crowding of front teeth, damage to 2nd molars, inflamed gums and more.

The above photo is an example of a horizontally impacted wisdom tooth extracted by Peter Mani, DDS.  This is not a usual procedure done by a general dentist and if you have a horizontally impacted wisdom tooth, you will usually need to be referred to an oral surgeon.  (xray of actual patient of Peter Mani, DDS, used with permission and consent of patient).

If you have a wisdom tooth you would like to have examined, and you live in Riverside, CA.  Give us a call at (951) 687-8700 to schedule an evaluation of you wisdom teeth.

Another cavity with tooth colored white filling


Here is cavity we filled:

Here is another example of a filling we did.  This patient had a cavity presented on tooth #2 (which is the upper right molar) in the distal pit (crevice towards the back of the tooth).  Sometimes a dark spot on a tooth can just be stain, but in this case, I was able to feel using a dental explorer that the area was soft and mushy.  That is how we are able to determine it was a cavity.  We numbed the patient up, and was able to finish this in less than 10 minutes from start to finish.  Infact, 5 of those minutes were waiting for the tooth to numb up.  We filled it with tooth colored filling which is better looking.  Another option is silver fillings, however we do not do silver fillings at our office.  Although silver fillings are deemed safe by the ADA, EPA, and many other agencies, we just avoid them as most patients prefer white fillings.  Another benefit of tooth colored fillings (composite fillings) is that it bonds to tooth structure.   This allows us to drill a lot less than a silver filling would require.  If you feel like you might have a cavity and would like to get it fixed give us a call : Peter Mani, DDS (951) 687-8700 We are located at 7759 California Ave, Riverside CA 92504.  (Photo is of actual filling done by Peter Mani, DDS.  Photo used with consent and permission of patient).  If you would like to see more examples of fillings we’ve done you can click our fillings page.

How do I replace missing teeth? An example of a bridge.

Example of a bridge by Peter Mani, DDS
Example of a bridge by Peter Mani, DDS

People lose their teeth in many ways. Some people lose their teeth to gum disease.  Some lose their teeth to sports related accidents.  This guy said he was in a car accident many years ago which caused him to lose his teeth.  He had always worn a flipper or a removable partial denture to replace his missing front teeth for years.  However he was getting tired of having to take his false teeth in and out.  There are generally two ways to replace missing teeth that are fixed in (don’t come in and out).  One way is dental implants and the other way is a bridge.   A bridge sometimes can be a good solution to replacing teeth, but every case is different.  The benefits of doing a bridge is that it generally can be more cost effective than doing implants.  You can generally also get good esthetic results.  The cons of doing a bridge is you do have to file or prep the anchor teeth of the bridge.  Also bridges require more oral hygiene to keep clean and healthy.  Usually of course the best option is prevention of losing teeth in the first place.  Losing a tooth can be life changing and can make a general difference in a person’s overall oral health.  So if you can avoid losing teeth in the first place, that is the best option of all.  If you want to find out if you are a good candidate for a bridge, the best way is to have your teeth evaluated.  If you are in the Riverside CA area we would be glad to evaluate your teeth and discuss your options to replace missing teeth.  (Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani, DDS in Riverside CA.  Photo used with consent and permission of patient)  About Peter Mani, DDS :  Peter Mani is a general dentist in Riverside CA.  He has been in practice over 12 years in the Riverside CA area.

Weekend dentist

We are one of the few dentists in Riverside CA who is open on Saturdays.   We open on Saturday from 8am to noon.  We do answer the phone after hours and throughout the weekend.  If you are a patient of record and have been seen recently we can often give advice for your dental need or even dental emergency.  We can even arrange to have the dentist come in on Sunday or after hours for a nominal fee.  So if you are looking for a dentist who works on Saturday give us a call.  If it is the weekend and you are in Riverside, CA or any of the other surrounding cities like Moreno Valley, Corona, Norco, Lake Elsinore, Colton, or even San Bernadino, give us a call at (951) 687-8700.  Have a great weekend!

Extraction follow up care

So you’ve had your tooth extracted today?  Your extraction won’t stop bleeding?  Here are some important steps to ensure proper healing of your extraction.

We are writing this instructions list for patient’s of Dr Peter Mani DDS, General dentist in Riverside CA.

First step is to bite on gauze provided by your dentist.  Put firm pressure on the extraction site.  This will allow a clot to form in the extraction socket.  Make sure to bite down and do not spit the blood out or saliva out as doing so will cause a suction and cause more bleeding to occur.  Also do not suck through a straw as this will cause more bleeding to occur as well.  If you were given any pain medication, sometimes it is a good idea to take the pain medication before the numbness / anesthesia wears off.  This will ensure the most comfort as soreness or pain is expected after an extraction.

Avoid eating grainy foods, stuff like popcorn kernels, rice, chips, and other small items will go into your extraction site and cause delayed healing.

If you smoke cigarettes or even use a e-cigarette or vape, discontinue while tooth extraction is healing.  Smoking can decrease the blood flow to an extraction site delaying the healing process.

If you run out of gauze and your extraction is still bleeding, you can also bite down on a tea bag.  This will help the bleeding slow down and or make the bleeding stop.  Bleeding can occur for many hours after an extraction, sometimes even up to a day later.  If you experience more than expected bleeding from a tooth extraction or the bleeding won’t stop from an extraction done at our office, give us a call at 951-687-8700.

How do you know when it is time for new dentures?

An old upper denture.  Worn back teeth and missing front tooth.  Broken denture base.

When is it time for new dentures?  There are many factors that decide this.  Here is an example of an old denture a patient brought in to my office.  This denture has flat worn back teeth, was missing a front tooth, had a corner of the denture base cracked off, and was loose.  The denture was about 10 years old.   This denture could have been fixed, serviced and repaired by doing the following procedures:  denture reline, replace missing or broken tooth, repair denture base.  We discussed with the patient that a better option would have been to just make a new denture.  We offer a variety of dentures at affordable prices.  Sometimes the price of repairing a denture will cost more than making a new denture.  The best way to find out is to give us a call at 951-687-8700 and we will be glad to take a look at your dentures.

Tooth extractions when the tooth can not be restored

tooth extractions by Peter Mani DDS Riverside CAThis tooth had deep decay to the point that the tooth could not be saved.  The only way to get the patient out pain was to extract the tooth.  Sometimes they say if you wait for a tooth to hurt then its beyond the point of fixing it with just a filling or a crown.  Sometimes if you have pain and you wait too long, then the tooth can’t be fixed at all and results in the loss of the tooth.  We do most extractions in our office including routine extractions, surgical extractions, some wisdom teeth, even some impacted wisdom teeth.  However if the tooth is too impacted or complicated we refer you to an oral surgeon.  If you have a tooth that is hurting you, give us a call so we can help you figure out what is going on.  Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani DDS, used with permission and consent of the patient.