What is tooth abfraction and how it can be fixed with a filling.

example of abfraction

An example of tooth abfraction restored by Peter Mani, DDS General Dentist in Riverside CA.

What is tooth abfraction?  It is when the neck of the tooth gets worn away.  What causes tooth abfraction?  It is often caused by brushing too hard, or brushing with a hard tooth brush.  It is often associated with gum recession or comes with gum recession.  However a more common cause of abfraction is tooth grinding.  When people grind their teeth, a lot of force is exerted down the tooth.  Pieces of enamel chip away at the weakest part of the tooth where the enamel meets with the root (the neck of the tooth).

Some times abfraction can cause tooth sensitivity because the root surface of the tooth becomes more exposed to hot and cold.  So what can be done to fix abfraction?  The easiest way is to first prevent what is causing it.  Then repair them with tooth colored composite fillings.  Above is an example of a patient who had abfraction.  We were able to repair it with composite fillings.  Photo of actual patient of Peter Mani, DDS general dentist in Riverside, CA.  Photo used with permission and consent of patient.

If you believe you may have tooth abfraction and would like to get your teeth repaired.  Give Peter Mani, DDS a call at 951-687-8700.