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Childhood tooth decay

Childhood tooth decay is a serious problem and is very common.  According to this article by the BBC, tooth decay affects 12% of 3 year old kids.   We are very sure these numbers are similar to what we see here in the Riverside CA area.

Some tricks to preventing tooth decay in kids is always monitor what they are eating and drinking.  A very common cause is kids who drink juice, milk, or soda.  It is important if your kid is drinking anything besides water, to have them brush their teeth immediately after.   Also having your kid’s teeth checked at least every 6 months can help prevent childhood tooth decay.  Often it is not enough to tell your kid to brush their teeth.  It is important the parent follows up and makes sure the teeth are clean.  If you have any questions or concerns about childhood tooth decay or decay in children and you live in the Riverside CA area feel free to call us at 951-687-8700.