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Cavities / Caries and tooth colored fillings


What exactly is a dental cavity?  A dental cavity (also called dental caries) is when your tooth gets eaten.  It usually is the result of bacteria.  Bacteria likes to eat any left over food left on your teeth.  The bacteria’s waste tends to be acidic and eats away at teeth.  Often times cavities will be brown or black in color but that is not always the case.  Sometimes black spots on your teeth aren’t necessarily cavities either.  That is why it is important to brush your teeth after every meal.  Floss too!

This patient had cavities on his front teeth.  We were able to simply drill them out and fill them with tooth colored fillings.  In general there are two types of fillings, tooth colored composite fillings and silver amalgam fillings.  In this case these teeth are in the front and putting silver in there just wouldn’t look right.   People tend to prefer tooth colored fillings and that is what we use in our office.

If you have cavities or think you have cavities, give us a call.  We can help fix them for you.  Give us a call if you are in the Riverside area.  Even if you are in Corona CA or Moreno Valley CA we can help you too!

(Photos of actual patient of Peter Mani DDS.  Used with consent and permission of patient)

Toothaches and root canals


When a patient has a tooth that is hurting them VERY bad, it is often due to tooth decay going into the tooth’s nerve. People say tooth pain is the worst pain. I have even heard people say it is worse than having a baby.
This patient had a cavity in their lower molar. Someone had tried to put a temporary filling in there but as you can see in the xray image on the left, it only covered the top part while the cavity was deep within the tooth.
A root canal was done on this tooth to save the tooth and to get the patient out of pain. A root canal is when the decay is removed, then the nerve of the tooth is removed using dental files (see middle photo). Then the nerve is replaced with a rubber material called gutta percha (see photo on right). A root canal is a good way to save a tooth but the best way for healthy teeth is to prevent getting a root canal in the first place. Once the root canal is completed it can sometimes be filled but usually it will require a crown if you want to be able to chew on hard things with it. (Photos of actual patient of Peter Mani DDS used with consent and permission of patient).

Dental Implants Riverside CA


Dental implants can be used for many different things. In this case a patient had a missing bicuspid tooth. The image on the left is the xray after we placed the implant.  It takes a few months for the implant to heal before we can put a tooth or crown (as seen in the image on the right) on the implant.  There are many factors that can determine if a patient is a good candidate. Patients who smoke, grind their teeth, have gum disease, poor oral hygiene can be good candidates but it takes a lot of planning and some lifestyle changes to make sure the case will be successful.   Implants can be a great alternative to dentures and even bridges.  (Images of actual implant patient of Peter Mani DDS. Used with consent and permission of patient.)

Dental Blog / Dental Wikipedia

Welcome to our blog.

Here we will post updates, latest news, and miscellaneous information direct from our Dental office in Riverside CA by Peter Mani, DDS.  You can get useful information about most dental stuff here.  For example, if you had a tooth extracted today, you can look through our blog about how to care for a dental extraction.

It is almost like a mini dental wikipedia or encyclopedia you can reference from the comfort of your home.